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MCIR electronically records a client’s immunization history. Within minutes, public and private providers can receive reliable immunization information that allows them to determine exactly what shots are needed. By making up-to-date immunization records available to physicians participating in MCIR state-wide, there is a significant reduction in the occurrence of over-immunization and a significant increase in the opportunity to adequately immunize Michigan's population.

Target Population

MCIR became a "lifespan" registry in June, 2006, and targets Michigan's entire population - from infants to the elderly.


To obtain additional registration information and/or registration assistance please contact Region 6 MCIR at 1-888-217-3905.

There is no cost for MCIR access, but you are required to register and you must be a licensed medical care facility or other organization requiring immunization information for patient care. Licensed schools and childcare needing to meet state immunization reporting and requirements, must register with the state by calling 1-888-243-6652.

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