Personal Preparedness

Personal and Family Preparedness

How to Prepare Yourself/Your Family for Emergencies

Disaster can strike anyone, anywhere, at anytime.  Each emergency or disaster impacts people and families in different ways.  There is no "one size fits most" approach to helping people respond to and recover from emergencies - whether personal emergencies  or incidents impacting the broader community.  

PHDM developed a website called 906Prepare that explores emergency and disaster situations most common to the Upper Peninsula.  Topics include winter weather, house fire, wildfire, flood, thunderstorm, heat and sun exposure, some less common situations, and, with the current global pandemic, COVID-19. 

You will also find tips and tools for pet owners, how to create an emergency "go bag," special considerations for aging adults, and even information on lead.  Did you know that every county in the Upper Peninsula has areas considered high risk for childhood lead poisoning?  In fact, in 10 of the 15 counties in our region, every zip code is considered high risk.  

Take the first step toward personal and family preparedness today by visiting 906Prepare at or clicking the GET STARTED button.  Stay safe!

Visit 906Prepare today!

Preparing yourself and your family for a broad range of emergencies - especially those most common in the Upper Peninsula - does not have to be difficult.    The tools are right at your fingertips.