Nuisance Abatement & Monitoring

PHDM will act upon nuisance complaints received. A nuisance is defined as a condition or activity which threatens, or could reasonably be expected to threaten, the health or safety of the public. A threat to the health and safety of the public shall include any condition or activity which is reasonably likely to cause death, disease, illness, or physical harm, or is likely to create an unsanitary or unhealthy condition which may cause disease, illness, or death. A “Nuisance” shall include, but is not limited to, any condition where effluent from any sewage disposal facility is exposed to the surface of the ground or is permitted to drain on or to the surface of the ground into any ditch, storm sewer, lake or stream, or where the odor, appearance, or presence of this material has detrimental effect on or to the senses and/or health of persons or when it obstructs the comfortable use or sale of adjacent property.