Communicable Disease Services

The Role of Public Health in the Prevention of Disease
A primary function of public health is prevention and controlling the spread of disease.   Disease can be spread in a variety of ways such as through droplets in the air, contact with a contaminated surface or bodily fluids, animal or insect bites, and ingesting contaminated food or water.  Examples of communicable diseases range from the common cold, strep throat, and the flu to Lyme Disease, Malaria, Hepatitis and Ebola. 

In order to protect the health of our communities, public health strives to monitor, control and prevent the spread of disease.  Local and State public health officials monitor cases of communicable disease in a statewide database, with mandatory reporting from physicians, hospitals and labs for over 80 different conditions. 

By tracking this information, we can identify and address outbreaks in the community, increase access to treatment, resources, preventative programs and education, assist with local and widespread efforts to conduct research and find the sources of disease. 
Michigan Communicable Disease Rules
Health care providers can find more information about disease reporting and the Michigan Communicable Disease Rules from Michigan Department of Health and Human Services here:


PHDM Communicable Disease Data
Delta County

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Menominee County

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