Lead Screening

Provides blood lead testing, prevention education, and referrals for eligible children. 

Director of Nursing, Carrie Polley, RN, BSN 

How it works:


Eligibility for Lead Screening

Lead Screening is available for clients during scheduled WIC visits or with an appointment.  

Medicaid can be billed for the screening, or the cost of the screening is $27.67.  

Hazards of Lead in Children

Low to moderate levels of lead may cause problems with development, behavior, and hearing.  

High levels of lead may cause coma, convulsions, and death.  


Who should be tested and how to make an appointment:

ALL children should be screened at 1 and 2 years of age.  

Call your local WIC office to schedule a Lead Screening at (906) 786-4112 in Delta County and (906) 863-4451 in Menominee County.  

If you child's lead level is 10mcg/dl or higher, a second test to confirm the results is recommended.  

Lead Poisoning Prevention in the U.P.